GDPR compliance.

Serity is GDPR accountability simplified for business owners, Data Protection Officers and compliance managers.

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GDPR Compliance Guide

Serity is an online, self-check data protection audit platform designed by lawyers, computer scientists and specialist consultants. Serity helps you to identify, understand and fix the gaps in your data protection compliance programme and verify your compliance status on a yearly basis. Serity promotes continuous improvement and GDPR compliance maturity. Serity is aligned with supervisory authority guidelines and industry best practice. Serity's comprehensive report has been designed to be your compliance guide and to share with your customers and supply chain.

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Serity is supported by a network of data protection and privacy specialist consultants in Ireland.

GDPR Compliance Accountability

Serity is the solution to your compliance woes. Since 2018, organisations like yours have spent countless hours worrying about the GDPR and searching for help online. You might even have gone for data protection training. You struggle to know what it means to be compliant with the GDPR and what you need to do to become compliant. You might've downloaded GDPR checklists, paid thousands to GDPR consultants or solicitors, and done everything you can to ensure GDPR compliance and you're still not sure of your compliance status. Let Serity step in and ensure you stay on the right side of regulation.

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Serity, your GDPR Compliance Guide, is proudly supported by: the Cork North and West LEO, Cork County Council, the ERDF and SIFP.
Prices from €499 per year per statement.